Love | Awareness | Freedom


Sarah Baiada is a natural therapist, speaker and writer in the areas of self awareness and sovereignty. She supports people in reconnecting their soul to the elements for greater fulfilment and self love in their lives.

She has a wide range of modalities she pulls from including the most powerful modality: love.

She’s a mother who loves her child. She’s not here to fix anyone but yet she is here to empower others. She is not a shaman although they’re beautiful and have their place. She’s not above or below anybody else.

She doesn’t label herself as spiritual and recognises that she exists just like we all do: beyond all labels. She knows inherently that she’s a point of awareness expressing itself.

She holds true that each of us have wisdom inside of us that’s critical to the unfoldment of the divine’s plan, the divine’s plan is not a mystery to solve yet it is something to become.

She revels in supporting others in finding their way home to themselves beyond all programming.

Every person has their own innate wisdom inside which is critical to the unfoldment of the divine’s plan.

However, the world has become so disconnected and humanity is becoming too separate, when really everyone should be part of a universal loving whole.

My intention is to support people to connect back into themselves and into the Earth through the elements of sun, earth, water and stars, in order to find self love and fulfilment in life.

By working with portals, mind, body and spirit can be united as one divine being that embodies the freedom and love that exists beyond all programming.

I hold true that each of us have wisdom inside of us that’s critical to the unfoldment of the divine’s plan.
I revel in supporting others in finding their way home to themselves beyond all programming.

Shift In Consciousness

I‘ve always been fascinated with how religion and science intertwine, and enjoy exploring vibrations and frequencies. My life has been a series of experiences that awakened me into a different kind of world.

I finished my Integrative Body Therapies Diploma and Remedial Massage Clinic at 18. I had no problem with mastering techniques and theory, but only learned about energy exchange and protection the hard way after massaging a particularly challenging patient. This experience caused me to focus more on the aromatherapy part of my course for a while but then I went on to work as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist.

My studies extended into Nutritional Medicine, in particular Vibrational Medicine, something I had never really thought about before. In fact, when the teacher began to explain how the emotional body interacts with the physical and all levels of the self, I found it a bit too “out there.” When I took a remedy for two weeks and documented my experience as part of the course, I discovered how sensitive I was. I started to feel energy with my body and was not able to differentiate between being asleep and being awake. This freaked me out a little so the teacher taught me about consciousness and reality and how I was shifting through the conscious state. I had always had an interest in philosophy and the mind but this was something I didn’t understand and could not rationalise away. And so began my journey into the unknown and much work with vibrational medicine.

I began to trust my intuition whilst working with clients and had the scientific insight to support what I was feeling. With each client I had an opportunity to learn and explore what cannot be taught, but rather needed to be experienced. By switching from believing I knew what was best for someone’s body to their body knows more than I could ever know, I was able to get to the root of the problem and not work with just the symptoms. This was a giant turning point for me and what began to set me apart from other massage therapists. It enabled me to treat lifetime chronic conditions successfully and bring relief to people who had given up.


Walking In Ancestral Footprints

My work was enhanced by the travelling I did. Six months in India knocked the princess right out of me, and made me feel real. It was a big test of trusting my intuition. I learned Ancient Yogic techniques, sat alongside gurus and felt the presence of the Dalai Lama. I climbed through caves, visited every sacred site I could, wandered the desert, embraced the magic of the Ganga, expanded concepts of food, how to clean the body and the feminine expression in a very different culture from what I was raised in.

Then travelling through Europe, I walked in the steps of my ancestors and discovered deep knowledge of my bloodline and the magic residing within. While visiting sacred sites I learned about the Magdalene, Mermaids and Druids; the Divine Feminine and Masculine and the dance between the two as they merge and marry.


Connecting To The Earth


I’ve had the honour of working with Indigenous women from around the globe, including the land I was born onto Australia. This opened my awareness to the people who keep the sacred knowledge of this planet alive. It helped me to feel the support of the Earth, ancient rites and ways of humans. How we have evolved and work with the Land.

Communicating with the ancestors, crystals, plants, elements and the Earth have become a normal occurrence in my life. Many other adventures and stories have evolved including meeting the love of my life, living in a city, teaching meditation, spiritual studies and yin yoga, learning astrology, developing aromatherapy and vibrational medicine products, and staying true to me.

My greatest teacher however has been my beautiful son who has taught me how to stay present and grounded in the moment. How the stars reside in our being, and that being is human and should not be taken for granted. Although my introduction to motherhood was rather intense, I knew I was at the mercy of my body and allowed the experience to take me deeper into the flow of energy within and without. The result was all worth it and I birthed a tiny ball of lightning ready to explore the world.