“She speaks to all parts of you, supports you to piece them together and figure out your unique gifts and how you work. Sarah has worked with me on the deepest of levels, supporting my system to let go so I was able to release and heal. She has the ability to cut through the bull and speak to your strength.”
Sarah is in my eyes a true woman and in working with her I have found this within.”
— Chev Mary kelly (Embodiment Mentorship)

“I feel a deeper love and balance for my intellect and my heart, which I never had before. I keep going back to the analogy you used about wrapping my heart over my head, imagery was perfect for me. I feel moments of my heart throbbing and expanding, and a tenderness for myself and others that rely on their intellect to make sense of life.”
— John, Sydney (Intuitive Remedial Massage)

“Wow loads of changes since my session. I’m travelling a fair bit this year with at least 4 overseas trips.
Feels like an end of an era in my life and I’m stoked about it! Definitely think the session with Sarah moved the energy that catalysed the decision.”
— Katherine, Sydney (Intuitive Remedial Massage)

“You’ve helped shift so much for me for the better and I have such a clearer understanding of actions to take. Also just recognising for me to follow the flow of what inspires me next, not needing to know what’s miles ahead just being present in the now and learning to love and appreciate myself in each moment. Vey powerful.”
— Dominique (Soul Mentoring)