Star Signature Range

A personalised service to assist you physically and energetically on your journey with awareness, ease and grace.

Sarah creates the Essence, Oil or Bath Salt with guidance from your Energetic/Star Signature, the elements and plant kingdoms. Allowing for deep reflection of your own journey and how you create in this world.

Essences are Vibrational Medicine is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored.

Taken internally over a 2 week period, Essences work with you holistically to bring awareness and balance to your being.

The Body Oil is handmade to assist in your connection to yourself. Where ever you are on your journey. The Body Oil works directly with your body to gracefully feel belonging and support in your physicality. Using Essential Oils, Vibrational Medicines, Crystal Reconfigurations and Energetic support, the Body Oil is tailored to you.

I like to think of the Bath Salts as a self Initiation. Take the time to light some candles, put some crystals and flowers around the bath (or in). The Bath Salts are made for your Energetic/Star Signature. To strengthen your connection to your self and integrate with grace. Each one contains Himalayan Salt to clear your energy, Epsom salt to gently detox the body and increase circulation, and Dead Sea salt to re-mineralise the body.

Take the time for you. Self Love is essential, not a luxury.

15mL Essence - $30 | 50mL Body Oil - $90 | Bath Salt - $40