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Immersion: Energetic Protocols For a Modern Age (Byron Bay)

Join us for a 2-day Immersion into the dynamics of energetics, natural lore, and creating sacred space. Dates are available for Sydney and Byron Bay.

If you're a practitioner, coach, influencer, empath, parent, caretaker or the 'go-to' person, this event is for you!

Immersion is designed to bring holistic awareness to our relationships physically and energetically, for greater comprehension of the shifting consciousness and how to lead and interact from presence, respect and sovereignty.

This event is focused on supporting awakening individuals to learn:

  • The current evolving energy landscape

  • Protection work

  • Energetic boundaries

  • How to create sacred space

  • Ancient and practical energetic protocols

  • How to facilitate from a place of awareness and sovereignty

  • To trust your own intuition, and to hear your inner voice

  • How to strengthen your gifts

Aspects of focus include:

  • Intuitive development techniques

  • Activations and Meditations for embodiment and grounding

  • Exploration of how energy can effect and influence your everyday life

  • Connection with your ancestral lineage

  • Clarity of mind

  • Understanding for how energy works and its expression into the world

  • Deep dives into conscious money and abundance

  • Transformation of the self in a supportive and safe space

  • Indigenous practices and connection to the land

  • Traditional medicines and its application to self discovery

  • Joining with a growing community of inspiring people

Most exciting, you will hear from special guests who are masters in their fields and deeply connected to the wisdom of their ancestral lineage!

Sarah Baiada - your host, Soul and Wellness Mentor, Founder of Rosa Temple

Ryan Crawford - Conscious Wealth and Abundance Coach

Gundyarri Girl Wisdom Walker - Indigenous Healer & Traditional Custodian from Wiradjuri Country in Central NSW 

Ebony Hall - National Park Ranger and Cultural Custodian

Nathalie Vera - Spiritual Mentor and Shamanic Healer

The space is for both men and women.


The 2 days will begin at 9am and finish at 5pm. The first night will have an optional bonus session from 6-9pm.


Group bookings for 3 or more people are eligible for discounted tickets. Please inquire to for package deals.

Seating is limited at the event spaces so please get tickets early to avoid missing out.

Any further inquires, please email