Spring Clean for the Soul

Design your life for happiness

This program brings people together to refresh our lifestyle for the rest of this year. Living more consciously. Freeing ourselves from everything that’s working against what we want. We’re clearing it all out!

Spring Clean is a practical step-by-step guide to find happiness and fulfilment in your life. Created in response to the experience of many of my clients, who are looking for support and answers beyond what’s available to them.

Over four weeks, the program explores where your energy is going. Cleaning out your life, physically and mentally, through conscious living. Exploring your mind beyond mindset, healing relationships and addressing stories that limit your happiness and potential. Finally, designing the life of your dreams and integrating sovereignty into daily life.

Many of my clients are dealing with burnout and stress, and can be in healing crisis with onset of chronic illness. Often struggling to cope during moments of major transition, change and growth in life. Asking new questions and feeling that something is not right.

Without conscious connection and determined action, our goals will always be in the future. Bring it all into the now. We are doing this together.

Each week is a 60-min content call, plus a meditation and additional Q&A. You will gain access to an exclusive group, with homework and resources. Each call will be recorded and available in audio for participants.

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Dates: Tuesday, September 3 (weekly) to Tuesday, September 24

Early Bird price of $197 is available until Sunday, August 18

Spring Clean for the Soul
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