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RELAX Meditation

An evening of learning simple techniques for stress relief, self healing and relaxation with a growing community of heart-based leaders in their fields.

Stress is the biggest cause of dis-ease within the body. A recent Mental Health Association survey reports 75% of Australians admitted that stress adversely affected their physical health, while 64% say it affected their mental health. As a health care professional I see stress as the number one cause of complaints and symptoms.

Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress in your body, mind and relationships. It's becoming more popular, but when I ask clients about their techniques and expectations of their practice, there is a massive piece missing and as a result, they're not receiving all the expected benefits.

I’ve been teaching meditation 1:1, in groups, workshops and events for over 16 years. The focus of this event's meditation is to keep it simple and effective so that it's suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners. Working with the body and nervous system, you will experience full body and mind relaxation and a sense of belonging and embodiment.

Sound Healer Belinda Gatt will be our guest facilitator. Belinda is an Intuitive Interior Designer with a focus on creating spaces that support wellbeing and balance. She works with Crystal Bowls to take you on a deep sound healing journey.

Bring a blanket or scarf and comfy clothes if coming from work. Invite friends and family who will benefit from relaxation, self care and a night off for themselves. This event is for men and women with any level of experience or curious to start meditating but haven’t felt confident to start.

Rosa Temple Products will be available for purchase on the night.